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Arabic Seeds News, second trimester of 2024 - New Polar Animals & Construction Site UNITS

arabic seeds news newly published resources Jul 07, 2024

السلام عليكم/أهلا

Assalamu 3alaykum/Ahlan! What's new at Arabic Seeds?

During the second trimester of 2024, alhamdulillAh we started to create two new Arabic themed units for your children/students: the "Polar Animals in Arabic" UNIT (featuring another adventure of our kitten characters, Bannoon & Nashoot) and the "Construction Site" UNIT 😍.

Note: even when a topic is quite specific like in these two units, learners are exposed and practice useful verbs and vocabulary words that can then be used in other contexts! That's the beauty of language learning!

We also collaborated with Studio Kenzie to get a discount for our members on their Magnetic Connective Arabic Letters products!

Check more details and get the links below!


1) Resources of the "Polar Animals in Arabic" UNIT



This Polar Animals unit is based on a new story featuring our Arabic-speaking kittens, Bannoon & Nashoot, going on an adventure to the North Pole (Arctic) to learn how animals survive in the extreme cold. The unit also includes South Pole (Antarctic) animals like penguins.


So far, we have published the unit's printable Banner, the Story (PDF+Audio), its read-aloud Video, the Flashcards (PDF+Audio), the letters & words Worksheets (PDF) and the Crosswords (PDF). Our fun Penguin rhyme (that was published a few years ago) has been placed in this unit as well.


Members, check out the entire unit here!


2) Resources of the "Construction Site in Arabic" UNIT


This themed unit is around the engaging topic of construction sites (machines, people who work on the site, construction materials, places being built, action verbs!)

So far, we have published in this unit: the banner of the unit, its printable Book "At the construction site", its Flashcards and Labels Set (also usable as a great sentences' building activity!), the letters & words Worksheets, the Crosswords, and a practical printable to talk and play in Arabic around the construction topic (this great resource was published a few years ago).

We also plan to create the read-aloud videos and quizzes of the unit, in shaa Allah.


Members, check out the entire unit here.


3) Discount on Magnetic Connective Arabic Letters

Studio Kenzie is generously offering a discount code on their Magnetic Connective Arabic Letters Products (Full Classroom version in a box with magnetic board, or Basic version with flashcards in a bag) 

Act quickly! This code will run from June 19 to September 30, 2024 or until quantities last. Note: for now, they deliver to Canada and US only. 

Members, find the code and links to Studio Kenzie's shop (Etsy or their own website) from this page here.

PS: we don't earn any commission. We just loved the product (that we purchased for our own children) and we thought it would be nice to get a discount for our members!

And that's a wrap!

Happy Arabic learning, teaching & practicing with Arabic Seeds!

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- Emilie, Arabic Seeds founder.

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