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Arabic Seeds News, first trimester of 2024 - Arabic Alphabet, Islamic words & more Videos

arabic seeds news newly published resources Apr 28, 2024

السلام عليكم/أهلا

Assalamu 3alaykum/Ahlan! What's new at Arabic Seeds?

During the first trimester of 2024, alhamdulillAh we created new resources (more read-aloud videos as well as resources with important islamic words in Arabic 😍) and updated old ones (beautifully illustrated Arabic Alphabet resources 🥰). We also published two freebies, read along and get the links at the bottom of this article 😉!

Check them out below!


1)  "Me and the newborn" Arabic Story Read-aloud VIDEO

This is the Arabic read-aloud Video of our Newborn Story (printable and audio published previously). It is packed with useful Arabic vocabulary words and sentences for parents and siblings to use in their daily life with a baby!


2) "I take care of my pet" Arabic VIDEO

This is the Arabic read-aloud Video accompanying our "I take care of my pet" poster. Cat lovers will especially love this video 😻. It provides useful and meaningful vocabulary, verbs and sentences.


3) New & updated Arabic Alphabet Printable and Videos

Inside the Arabic Alphabet bonus category of our membership, we added 3 Alphabet Videos related to the beautifully Illustrated Arabic Alphabet Posters that we had updated previously, and we also updated the corresponding Clip-it Beginning Forms Arabic Letters Cards.

Members can watch the videos here: Video 1 (letters alif to dhal)Video 2 (letters raa to ghayn), Video 3 (letters faa to yaa + hamza). 


4) Arabic Alphabet with Islamic words - FREE Posters and Colouring/Tracing Sheets

These are our Ramadan-2024 gift to you all! 🎁 

We published these beautifully-illustrated Islamic Arabic Alphabet printable posters including 28 words (each word beginning with a letter of the Arabic alphabet) that are relevant to the life of muslim children and their families. They help learners to practice the isolated and beginning forms of each Arabic letter, as well as, to learn vocabulary words and their pronunciation in Arabic thanks to the included Arabic Audio.

We also created the corresponding Islamic Alphabet colouring/tracing Worksheets. Each letter can be coloured in, as well as each word and each picture. 

And that's a wrap!

Stay tuned as we are developing a new themed unit that include our Arabic-speaking kitten characters going on an adventure to the North Pole!🤩

Happy Arabic learning, teaching & practicing with Arabic Seeds!

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- Emilie, Arabic Seeds founder.

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