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Arabic resources for kids by Arabic Seeds, health and hygiene, body part themes

Arabic Seeds March Resources (2023) - Hygiene and Health Sheets, Body Parts Videos

arabic seeds news newly published resources Mar 25, 2023

السلام عليكم/أهلا

Assalamu 3alaykum/Ahlan!

This month, we created a "I take care of my body" Arabic Resource (poster with audio + 3 worksheets) around the "hygiene and health" topic. This adds even more useful and real-life Arabic words and sentences to our "My body بَدَني " Arabic themed unit!

We also uploaded two new read-aloud videos to practice the 20 sentences of our printable Body Parts Sentence Strips (published last month). We are now at 64 (no music, no ads, no inappropriate images) videos for our members!

Read more details below:


1) Arabic Hygiene & Health Resource for kids (PDF + Audio)

أوراق عمل) النّظافة و المحافظة على الصّحّة)

  • Included in this pack: "I take care of my body" printable poster and cut/paste worksheet, Healthy vs Unhealthy Food worksheet, Good vs Bad Activity worksheet
  • Example of sentences included: "I eat good and healthy food.", "I trim (cut) my nails. I keep them short and clean.", "I exercise and play outside regularly.", "I spend time in nature.", "I don't spend a long time in front of screens", "I wash my hands regularly."
  • Arabic-only and Arabic-English PDF versions
  • Arabic Audio MP3 File, recording of the "I take care of my body" poster's sentences.


2) Arabic Body Parts Sentences VIDEOS #1 and #2


جمل أجزاء الجسم

These are the Arabic read-aloud videos of the 20 Sentences included in the printable Body Parts Sentences Strips of the unit (published last month). 

  • NOTE: The English translation of the sentences are included in the Sentences' printable. The video is in Arabic-only in order to make the learners focus on their Arabic listening and speaking skills; as well as reading fluency.
  • Members can watch the video #1 inside the library here, and the video #2 here.
  • Members can also find these videos inside our video playlists (All-Videos Playlist and Daily Life Playlist).

 3) FREE Arabic Ramadan Unit and resources for all:


وحدة الرمضان مجانية

Each year, we are so happy to offer you our free Arabic Ramadan resources - الحمد لله. Our goal is to help you and your family to use words and sentences around Ramadan in their authentic language, Arabic!

Members can access the Ramadan unit inside the membership library here.

Non-members can access the free Ramadan unit (no sign up required) from here.


Happy Arabic learning & teaching!

Tag us on facebook and instagram @arabicseeds whenever you use our resources with your children or students! We love to see our resources in use!

- Emilie, Arabic Seeds founder.


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