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Arabic Seeds News, last quarter of 2023 - Pet caring, Newborn life, Farm Animals, Alphabet

arabic seeds news newly published resources Dec 28, 2023

السلام عليكم/أهلا

Assalamu 3alaykum/Ahlan! What's new at Arabic Seeds?

Alhamdulillah we have created some useful and relatable Arabic resources for your little learners, classrooms and families! You want to miss them! Discover more about these unique Arabic resources below.

1) "Me and the newborn" Printable Story book with Audio ("Daily life in Arabic" Resources)

"قصة "أنا و المولود الجديد 

The "Me and the newborn" printable story includes useful key Arabic vocabulary, verbs and cute phrases related to daily life with a baby! So relatable and useful to parents and siblings!

  • Available in Arabic-only & Arabic-English PDF versions
  • Arabic Audio MP3 included
  • key Arabic vocabulary words and verbs are highlighted in the text. 
  • illustrations by our collaborator Peoni Art by Noli.
  • Summary of the story:

A little girl welcomes her newborn brother (he is so cute, smells so good and his skin is so soft!) and talks about what he cannot do yet (like eating food, taking a bath by himself, putting on clothes by himself, going to the washroom, walking, etc.) whereas she has grown up and learnt to do that herself alhamdulillAh! Each time, she tells how her mama takes care of her baby brother (she nurses him, she bathes him, she dresses him, she carries him, etc.). Towards the end, a little twist is added when she says that he cannot read yet and she... neither! But they will grow up and learn to read in shaa Allah! At the end, she tells how she loves her little brother, kisses and hugs him, and tells him to grow up fast so that he can play with her.

Members can find it here inside the "Daily life in Arabic" Resources category of the Arabic Seeds membership digital library.


2) Caring for a Pet in Arabic ("Daily life in Arabic" Resources)


 أعتني بحيواني الأليف

This unique resource about taking care of a pet in Arabic is sure to interest young learners! Its main printable poster includes key Arabic verbs/actions like "I feed", "I brush the fur", "I don't hurt [my pet]", "I pet", "I give water", "I make [my pet] play", "I bring [my pet] to the veterinary doctor", "I clean my pet's items".

The resource includes:

  • Pet caring Actions Poster and Worksheet, Wild or Domestic animals Worksheet, All about my pet Worksheet
  • PDF file: Arabic-only and Arabic-English versions 
  • Arabic Audio MP3 of the poster's actions.

Members can find it here inside the "Daily life in Arabic" Resources category.


3) Farm Unit's additional VIDEOS about Animal Families:

In order to help learners with Arabic pronunciation and vocabulary memorization, we added an audio mp3 and created two videos for our Arabic Farm Animal Families Flashcards.

Members can download the printable Flashcards and download the Audio from this page inside the Farm Unit.

Members can watch the video part 1 here inside the membership library. It has also been added to the Video Playlists ("All videos" playlist and "Animals in Arabic" playlist) that members can access from this page.

Members can watch the video part 2 here inside the membership library. It has also been added to the Video Playlists ("All videos" playlist and "Animals in Arabic" playlist) that members can access from this page.

We are now at 70 themed videos (no ads, no music, no inappropriate images) for learners to listen to and practice Arabic! 

4) Update of our Arabic Alphabet Poster with illustrated words (printable and audio)

لوحة الحروف العربية مع كلمات و رسمات

This beautiful Arabic alphabet poster is illustrated with vocabulary words starting with each letter (beginning letter form) and can be used with our other Arabic alphabet resources. We included our Arabic-speaking kittens, Bannoon and Nashoot, in the posters to make learning more fun!

  • suggestions: hang this resource up in your learning corner and play "Spot the Letter" or even "I Spy"!
  • suggestion: use the provided Arabic audio to make learners repeat the name of the letters and the words.
  • Available in Arabic-only and Arabic-English PDF versions.

Members can find it in our bonus Alphabet Resources Category inside the membership library.


Happy Arabic learning & teaching!

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- Emilie, Arabic Seeds founder.

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