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Arabic Seeds new and updated resources (materials in Arabic and space-themed resources)

Arabic Seeds June Resources (2023) - Materials Flashcards, updated Space unit

arabic seeds news newly published resources Jul 05, 2023

السلام عليكم/أهلا

Assalamu 3alaykum/Ahlan!

What's new at Arabic Seeds?

Do you know how to say "paper plane" or "wooden spoon" in Arabic? And what about "glass bottle", "plastic bag", and "cloth diapers"? Alhamdulillah we published a great resource about materials in Arabic with useful real-life vocabulary!

We are also continuing to update our Arabic Space-themed unit: the read-aloud video of our Space Story (featuring our fun Arabic-speaking kitten characters), the letters-and-words Space Worksheets as well as the Space Story Worksheets have been updated.

 See more below:


1) Materials in Arabic - printable Sorting Flashcards and Help sheets

بطاقات عن المواد

A great resource to learn about materials in Arabic along with useful real-life vocabulary!

What's included:

  • 8 material cards, 32 real-life vocabulary cards
  • Help sheets with examples of sentences (32 sentences) and list of 7 other materials.
  • Arabic-only and Arabic-English PDF versions

Members can find it inside the membership library in the "Basic and fun Arabic Resources" Category here.


2) UPDATED: Arabic Space Story Read-aloud VIDEO

We have updated the Arabic read-aloud video of our printable Space story. 

Members can watch the video in the Space unit here.


 3) UPDATED: printable Arabic Space letters-and-words Worksheets & Crosswords 


حروف و كلمات متقاطعة - أوراق عمل وحدة الفضاء  

This space-themed literacy resource is perfect for younger ages and beginners. The words included have been selected from the unit's story to give a meaningful context. With word tracing, letter recognition, colouring and crossword activities, these worksheets help to increase Arabic vocabulary retention and improve writing and spelling.

Members can download it from the membership library inside the Space unit here.


 4) UPDATED: printable Arabic Space Story Worksheets

 أوراق عمل وحدة الفضاء – كلمات و جمل

These printable space-themed worksheets for more advanced learners are based on our Space Story, and help with vocabulary retention and language acquisition. 

  • included: comprehension questions (quizzes), words search, words unscrambling, sentences reordering, picture-sentence matching, sentence rewriting, and a colouring reward.
  • answer keys included.
  • available in Arabic-only and Arabic-English.
  • Members can download them from the membership library inside the Space unit here.


Happy Arabic learning & teaching!

Tag us on facebook and instagram @arabicseeds whenever you use our resources with your children or students! We love to see our resources in use!

- Emilie, Arabic Seeds founder.

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