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Arabic Seeds April Resources (2023) - Spring Freebie, Feelings video and Body parts Quiz

arabic seeds news newly published resources Apr 29, 2023

السلام عليكم/أهلا

Assalamu 3alaykum/Ahlan!

This month, we created a printable Spring scavenger hunt list to add to our Arabic Spring unit (it also goes well with our Gardening unit!) and we have made it free for non-members (see link below).

We also published a new video around feelings in Arabic (to go with our previously published Arabic Feelings Printable Posters) as well as two Online Quizzes for our Body Parts Unit.

Read more details below!


1Body Parts in Arabic QUIZ 1 (complete the short sentences with the right body part)

This quiz is based on page 6 of the Body Parts Worksheets published previously and available for members inside our Arabic Body Unit. Note: Members can refer to these worksheets if they need the English translations. This quiz has been made to assess what has been learned in Arabic, so we didn't add the translations. 

Examples of sentences asked in the quiz (previously taught in the worksheets):

- "I am washing my hands" أَغْسِلُ يَدَيَّ

- "I am brushing my teeth" أُنَظِّفُ أَسْناني

- "I hurt my knee." جَرَحْتُ رُكْبَتي

Members can take the quiz here.


2) Body Parts in Arabic QUIZ 2 - What do we use to ...?

This quiz is based on page 5 of the Body Parts Worksheets published previously and available for members inside our Arabic Body Unit. 

Examples of questions:

- "What do we use to see?" ماذا نَسْتَخْدِمُ لِنَرى؟

- "What do we use to smell?" ماذا نَسْتَخْدِمُ لِنَشُمَّ؟

- "What do we use to kick a ball?" ماذا نَسْتَخْدِمُ لِنَرْكَلَ الْكُرَةَ؟

Members can take the quiz here.


3) Feelings in Arabic VIDEO

This video goes with our Feelings/emotions printable Posters that were published previously. These resources are available in the membership library, inside the "Daily life in Arabic" category).

Members can watch the video here.

Members can also find these videos inside our video playlists (this video is in the All-Videos Playlist and the Daily Life Playlist).


4) FREE Spring Scavenger Hunt Printable in Arabic


Members can get this printable from the Spring Unit inside the membership library.

Non-members can download it for FREE here.


Happy Arabic learning & teaching!

Tag us on facebook and instagram @arabicseeds whenever you use our resources with your children or students! We love to see our resources in use!

- Emilie, Arabic Seeds founder.

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